Kluger Umgang mit Schwerhörigkeit im Jahre 1734

September, 1734

The Dean’s Complaint

Vertiginosus, inops, surdus, male gratus amicis;
Non campana sonans, tonitru non ab Jove missum,
Quod mage mirandum, saltem si credere fas est,
Non clamosa meas mulier jam percutit aures.


Doctor: Deaf, giddy, helpless, left alone.

Answer: Except the first, the fault’s your own.

Doctor: To all my friends a burden grown.

Answer: Because to few you will be shewn. Give them good wine, and meat to stuff, You may have company enough.

Doctor: No more I hear my church’s bell, Than if it rang out for my knell.

Answer: Then write and read, ‚twill do as well.

Doctor: At thunder now no more I start, Than at the rumbling of a cart.

Answer: Think then of thunder when you f—t.

Doctor: Nay, what’s incredible, alack! No more I hear a woman’s clack.

Answer: A woman’s clack, if I have skill, Sounds somewhat like a throwster’s mill; But louder than a bell, or thunder:  That does, I own, increase my wonder.

by Jonathan Swift, 1734 — Quelle

[Ich mag’s sehr! 🙂 Dank für den Hinweis geht an die Kaltmamsell. Jonathan Swift ist bei uns v.a. für Gullivers Reisen bekannt. Leider hab ich’s nicht auf Deutsch gefunden, hoffe Ihr könnt genug Englisch. Kleinere Fragen können wir sicher in den Kommentaren klären.]

Eine Antwort zu “Kluger Umgang mit Schwerhörigkeit im Jahre 1734

  1. I hadn’t known that Swift was deaf. Thanks for this quote which is very moving.

    I’m interested in famous people who were deaf, and wrote here about Goya

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