Hätt ich genauso gemacht

7 Antworten zu “Hätt ich genauso gemacht

  1. Da hättest du in meiner Straße aber schlechte Karte. Ich bin zwar hörend, aber glaubst du, ich lasse mich von etwas Gehupe in meiner Nachtruhe stören? 😉
    Aber gut ist die Idee natürlich trotzdem.

  2. I thoughti twas funny, I wonder if those who can hear will understand it?

    I don’t sign so appreciated the subtitles, but then realised that they were for the benefit of hearing people who didn’t sign, and not for those of us who are deaf/hard of hearing and don’t sign,

    Am I too cynical?

  3. Tatjana, das macht doch nichts. Dann würd ich eben bei Dir klingeln 😉

    Mog, I would guess the joke is pretty obvious, but who knows. Tatjana’s got it. It’s also obvious why this clip would never ever NOT be subtitled, and that’s a bit sad of course.
    But I guess thinking that these subtitles aren’t for us would be a pretty negative view, yes. By the same logic I guess you could say that for the benefit of normal hearing people they should have dubbed it with talk or that it lacks a „talk-interpreter“. 😉

  4. Hahahaha! This is great.

    What kind of game are they watching? They must be Europeans watching the kick-off of a soccer game six hours ahead, don’t you think?

    It’s interesting the euphemisms people come up with–I’m not sure which is better, „different abilities“ vrs „special“ something.

  5. Well if they were watching a soccer game in Europe it would be broad daylight in the States. It’s the super bowl 😉

  6. Maybe I am too cynical!

    I googled a little and none of the other Pepsi Super Bowl adverts have subtitles. To me that says that they are provided for hearing people who don’t sign, and not as an inclusive action for those of us who can’t sign and who can’t hear the sounds on TV and need subtitles.

    Maybe I am wrong. I would like to hear what Pepsico says about it.

  7. Mmh, you have a point. Those subtitles are like the ones when other talk-languages are spoken in regular movies (say, Thai), not an inclusive action in any nontrivial sense. Still, I guess I would feel bad/be angry about the ones without subtitle, not the one that has them. I’d rather say: See, this works, I’d like to have that on your other ads, too. Instead of: Nice try, but…

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