Billy Idol: White Wedding — Auch vom Text her irgendwie passend…

15 Antworten zu “Hörtraining

  1. OK I confess, I am curious why „…irgendwie passend“. Isn’t this the song Billy Idol wrote when he was mad about his sister’s wedding?

  2. Apropos of nothing–ich habe Tinnitus gerade beim ersten mal in Media dargestellt gesehen. Bei Criminal Minds heute abend, handelte es sich um einen Agent, der nebenbei stand als eine Bombe explodierte. Danach, wenn aus seiner Perspektiv gezeigt wird, hoert man eine hoehe klingende Pfeife. Erst dachte ich, etwas geht schief mit der Transmission.

  3. Well, Billy still maintains that he was not mad at all 😉 Anyway I leave the little sisters and weddings aside and concentrate on the part about vice, wish, and starting again.
    Does presenting the protagonist’s tinnitus that way serve any dramaturgical function (re. criminal minds)?

  4. It prefigures his increasing mental desperation and loss of focus, as his partner is about to be killed, and he is not able to save her. The gimmick was, the terrorists want to bomb a major hospital, so they set off something to injure but not immediately kill an important person–then the „real“ bomb is planted on the ambulance, to elude hospital security. I know, it sounds typical tvish–I was working out at the fitness studio and flicking chanels.

  5. Interesting. Sounds as if it made sense to make the tinnitus audible…

  6. Re: Vice, Wish, Rebirth, OK verstehe ich. Ich frage mich, welche andere Lieder haben diese Konstellation. (Vice is a cool word.) But this reminded me of a time in English lit class when a girl announced, „I completely identify with Hamlet’s relationship with his mother, because MY relationship with MY mother…“ etc etc (?!) 🙂

  7. Yes, I am guilty of fracturing the artistic whole and appropriating the shards.

    It sorta happens when you autistically listen to each line and then — repeat 😉

  8. Haha yes, you also did this to great effect with Twilight. There is a hilarious review of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, written by a real motocycle mechanic, following the same principle.

    Wouldn’t it be great if Billy Idol googled himself, stumbled upon this blog, and felt pleased to read his song described as „the artistic whole“?

  9. You think he would come visit? 🙂

  10. …and play a set in someone’s living room? That would be awesome! You could write his agent and frame the invitation as a special request from people with hearing disabilities 🙂 „My life has been so hard, but what would make it all worthwhile is seeing Billy Idol live in a small, intimate concert in my Berlin apartment. With a few of my hearing-impaired readers.“

  11. I could butter him up and tell him that his music is guiding my voyage back to the hearing world. I would not mention Queen, of course.

  12. Brilliant. Pour on the maudlin charm. It looks like he is available: http://www.grabow.biz/Contemporary/BillyIdol.htm

    Did you see him in the film The Wedding Singer?

  13. No, I’ll have to watch that one.

  14. It is a small scene in a silly movie, but Billy Idol is great in it. The main character, an unsuccessful professional wedding singer, finds himself sitting next to Billy Idol, playing himself, on a plane trip. Wedding singer is dejected and tells Billy Idol about Losing the Girl of his Dreams, who is also on their same flight. Billy Idol convinces the flight attendents to let Wedding Singer sing her a song; gets on the intercom to introduce him („one of our first-class passengers would like to sing to one of our coach passengers, and we let first-class passengers do whatever they want to“); and ensures that her jerk-boyfriend is trapped behind the beverage cart so that WS is not bothered. Basically, it shows Billy Idol as just the right person to swoop in and transform one’s miserable life of humiliation into a hollywood ending.

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