Jetzt aber: Guckt! Lie to me!

Habe  jetzt weitergeguckt. Es wird noch besser! Heute kommt das Finale der ersten Staffel dran. Zweite liegt schon bereit…

Und das lustigste ist: Obwohl Lie to me „nur“ eine Fall-der-Woche-Serie ist, hat es meinen Blick schon stärker geprägt als alle anderen Serien, die ich bisher gesehen habe.  Wenn ich jetzt was anderes — sagen wir, öhm, Castle — gucke, frage ich mich immer: „Wieso sehen die nichts? Das war ne glatte Lüge.“ Oder: „Da hat sich doch die Pupille geweitet, er ist erregt!“  Und: „Die hat doch was zu verbergen, das sieht doch ein Blinder mit’m Krückstock!“

Das ist mir bisher noch nie passiert, dass ich einer Serie etwas aus einer ganz anderen vermisse. Ja, dass ich ihr das vorwerfe..


9 Antworten zu “Jetzt aber: Guckt! Lie to me!

  1. Now I get it. You’re watching all these youtubes and TV to help with speech understanding with your CI?

    I will check it out. Have never seen it, but then. . . that’s not surprising. Am not big on TV, though I have to admit I’m addicted to 24– which is embarrassing to admit. shhh– don’t tell anyone-ok? 😉

  2. Exactly 🙂 Well, with „lie to me“ I have additional incentive: all that visual and observation stuff that we deaf people do, too. Re. 24, if you don’t tell, I won’t either…

  3. Hahah. Mir geht’s genauso. Und zwar wenn ich Law & Order kieke. „Also der Cal, der hätte sich da nicht so ins Bockshorn jagen lassen!“


  4. Sadly Lie to Me isn’t being broadcast here right now. I watch it because Tim Roth’s English accent gives me a rest from listening in Canadian, and of course the reading people part. We do do that well, sometimes too well I think. I found a website about the man that the show is based on- loosely-. It’s very interesting.

  5. I am very glad to be able to say that I can hear his accent now!! And how interesting, that Ekman has set up a blog commenting on the show. Thanks for the URL.

    Mog, what do you mean by „sometimes too well“? That you learn more than you would ever want to know? That it disrupts relations?

  6. Too well? that we „see“ too much, that we can see that faint change of facial expression etc. it just gives me more to worry about, whereas others can go through life in blissful ignorance.

  7. That’s interesting! I cannot recall an instance where something I saw made me worry more (or about something which I would have ignored otherwise). Perhaps I simply forgot, but I think I sort of automatically add whatever I see to the rest (i.e. talk), and that’s what I „work with“. So, „perceive too well“, in my experience, has more often been said by someone else about me (rather than by myself).

    Then again, perhaps your and my perception is more different than we might think — and I cannot see the kind of subtle changes that make you worry.

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