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Der Spaziergang in die Harthörigkeit

Feeling brave? Orientierungslosigkeit, Scham und Langeweile gefällig? Dann wäre vielleicht ein kleiner Spaziergang in die Harthörigkeit etwas für Sie.

Da ich neulich davon gesprochen hatte, habe ich mal ein paar Berichte herausgesucht, in denen Menschen für einen Tag in die Schwerhörigkeit eingetaucht sind — oder jedenfalls ein paar Stunden, die meisten haben vorher aufgegeben. Wie ist es, auf einmal schwerhörig zu sein? Unter den Links versteckt sich jeweils der ganze Bericht (leider alle in Englisch):

It’s scary; I feel off-balance […]. It shocked me as to how people live like this. Everything was distorted and it suddenly made me appreciate the normal hearing I have. […] I felt lost and a little bit embarrassed when I had to ask her to repeat what she had said because I couldn’t hear her. (Leanne, At the Rim)

When I hear the footsteps of the letter carrier on my front path or the children pouring into the schoolyard across the street for recess, it helps me to track the passing of the hours. When I tip my laundry basket out, I expect to hear a “plop” sound when the contents hit the floor. This confirms for me where the room ends. I found it surprisingly disconcerting to be deprived of these clues that I usually take for granted. […] Many tasks that I take for granted — climbing steps, walking through traffic, cooking — required far more attention than I normally pay them. Multi-tasking was difficult and often impossible. (Judy, The Experiment, plus Kommentar von mog: judy’s experience.)

I was fine at home, in my environment, but I didn’t like that I was feeling so insecure as I moved about the city. I was okay in the car. It’s still my space, but I was on edge, constantly looking around to be sure I wasn’t missing something important, keeping an eye on lights and gauges lest I be indicating a turn I didn’t intend to take or red lights flashing in warning of an imminent engine explosion. Stress. (Rob, hard of hearing for a purple squishy day)

I find myself avoiding customers as I know I’ll struggle to hear them – […] I feel they would get annoyed if I ask them to repeat themselves. […] Outside the store noise is muffled although I know the city centre is busy and there are lots of people around, I’m aware of feeling isolated and cut off. (Stephanie, I volunteered)

Ich kann nur sehr empfehlen mal reinzulesen. Und die haben immerhin im Schnitt nur etwa 30db Hörverlust gehabt, also nur eine leichte, maximal mittelgradige Schwerhörigkeit.

Thanks, mog, for digging up those links!